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Spellcasting 101

1. Know what you want. Write out the details of your  goal.
For whom or for what is the magick intended?
What type of energy do you want to create?
Why are you doing this - what's your true motivation?

2. Decide which magickal method you want to use .
. If you want love to grow, for example, you could perhaps use a spell that included rich soil and seeds (Symboloically planting the emotion).

3. Choose appropriate tools                                                                                                                                     Gather them together in one place so you don't have to hunt for an item in the middle of your work.

4. Create sacred space before you begin, if you wish.

5. Express your need/desire literally or symbolically.
Use words, tools, components, and/or actions. For example,  you might construct a spell to improve self-love that included speaking the  phrase "I  love you" three times while looking in a mirror, followed by a self-hug

6. Build energy to support your goal.
Use things like chants, incantations, meditations, imitation, song, dance.

7. Keep your mind on the goal throughout the procedure.Focus
Also add visualization  it helps you focus.

8. Detach the energy from yourself and project it outward.
The energy won't do much good if it's still tethered to you or the sacred space. Visualize it begin disconnected or cut away from yourself by a loud noise and/or fast movements like slicing your hands up and out toward the direction in which you want the energy to move.

9. Release the sacred space if one was created.

10. Ground yourself.
Sit down, get your breathing back to normal, and perhaps eat something crunchy.  Magick takes a lot of personal energy, and you might fin yourself lightheaded or jumpy afterward if you don't do this step

Basic Spell Design

Remember that magick is the manipulation of energy, a thought is a form of energy and a visualization is an even stronger form of energy.Because of the very nature of magick, each working should be highly individualized and personal. Even if following a traditional spell, it should be tailored to your specific needs to be most effective for you. Understanding the basics of spell construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire.. The very first step is to decide  what your desired goal is to be. It is important, also, that you choose your time carefully. You should take into consideration all astrological implications, energy currents and moon phases.

For example:

Aries action enthusiasm
Taurus renewal sensuality
Gemini communication curiosity
Cancer emotion nurturing
Leo vitality determined
Virgo organizing studious
Libra balance cooperation
Scorpio sexual philosophical
Sagittarius strength humor
Capricorn authority ambitious
Aquarius innovation social
Pisces sensitivity idealistic

Bear in mind that magickal workings for gain, increase or bringing things to you, should be initiated when the moon is waxing (from dark to full); when the moon is waning (from full to dark), it is time for magickal workings of decrease or sending away.The highest energy occurs at the full moon and, therefore, this is the most powerful time for magickal workings. The Dark and  new moon is the next most powerful time for magick.Follow nature's natural energy currents. There is a natural time for starting things (a planting time), for maturing things (a growing time), for reaping things (a harvest time) and, of course, a time for rest and planning.

When choosing a place to do your magickal working pay particular attention to your needs, for you must be comfortable. Your place should be private, quiet and secure. If at all possible, set aside a special place for this purpose only. An unused room, a special corner of your bedroom, a quiet, secluded spot in your garden. A place that is yours. A place that you can come to whenever need arises and that is as free from intrusion of others as possible.

Prior to your ritual, prepare yourself and your tools  byo clean and purify. Historically, people have fasted, followed meticulous and detailed bathing practices, practiced chastity and used many other methods.

Most often a ritual bath is the preferred method. A bath frequently utilizing candlelight, fragrant herbs, bath salts or sensuous oils. A sumptuous hot bath, special bathing preparations and appropriate lighting, combined, can create the soothing effect which will help in the very important step of relaxing and clearing the mind completely of all mundane thoughts and experiences of the day. Your ritual bath should, also, begin to set the specific vibrations conducive to your purpose into motion. You must not only cleanse and purify but must, also, begin to create the type of energy necessary. Once your purification process has been accomplished, you are now ready to begin. Proceed to the special place you have previously chosen in which to perform your magick. If at all possible, you should make use of the primitive responses set into motion by a well chosen piece of music. Your music should start slowly and build to a rousing climax.

As you use your oils, light your candle or incense (or utilize any other tool you have chosen), you should begin to further intensify the energy that you have set into motion around you. A high degree of intensity is vitally important.

The altered state of consciousness that you must reach is not a meditative state. Anything that interferes with your ability to concentrate upon, reach and control the high energy state necessary to perform magick should be avoided. Such as, screaming children, a sink full of dirty dishes, use of alcohol or drugs, etc.
It is suggested that  you do not scatter your energy by attempting to do more than one magickal working at a time.

Remember that magick is the manipulation of energy, a thought is a form of energy and a visualization is an even stronger form of energy. Your visualization can be a method used to intensify further and direct your will. Your visualization can be the method by which you control the magickal energy you have produced. You must know what you want. You must see it. You must feel the high energy flow. You must direct it.

One of the most important elements in the practice of any form of magick is the universal law of cause and effect. The most important consideration is the universal law of retribution. this means that no matter what you do, it comes back to you in like kind.It is the nature of things that as you send something out it gains momentum, so that, by the time it comes back to you, it is stronger.

This is how I was taught and I pass along.

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Moon Sign Affirmations
<Author unknown>

Meditation is a helpful tool, especially when the meditation is focused on the energies of the daily moon sign. The following affirmations can help you enhance the positive aspects of each Moon sign or alleviate their more negative traits. Depending on which influence you are under, write or say one of these affirmations when the Moon is in the corresponding signs:

Aries Moon
I approach people and situations in a balanced way.
I take the time to feel today.
I am resourceful and achieve my goals.
I have the ability to assert myself and lead.

Taurus Moon
I let go of attitudes which block my progress.
I am grateful for the abundance in my life.
I cherish the richness of the earth.
I am open to change.

Gemini Moon
I use my ability to communicate with ease.
I banish all negative judgments about my intelligence.
I explore new ways of understanding.
I overcome feelings of restlessness and anxiety.

Cancer Moon
I learn the lessons of the past.
I cherish the ones I love.
I let go of worry and insecurity.
I release the pain caused by others.

Leo Moon
I feel the love others have for me.
I do not need to be the center of attention.
I use my power and confidence in a balanced way.
I am able to use my talents and gifts to help others.

Virgo Moon
My work is productive and gratifying.
I respect the beauty of my body, mind, and spirit.
I release the urge to find fault with myself and others.
Work has a balanced place in my life.

Libra Moon
I give and receive love without conditions.
I do not need others to make me complete.
I am able to communicate and work well with others.
I am happy to be a loved and loving being.

Scorpio Moon
I let go of all resentments in my life.
I have the ability to transform my life.
I am open to the expansion of mind and spirit.
I delight in the sensuality of life.

Sagittarius Moon
I cherish my ability to understand.
I release the need to have all the answers.
The growth of my mind and spirit is expansive.
I use feelings of optimism wisely.

Capricorn Moon
I express my abilities without reservation.
I find joy and hope inside of me.
I let go of behavior which impedes my growth.
I release the need to be in control of every situation.

Aquarius Moon
I communicate my individuality respectfully.
I enjoy my connection with humanity.
I have the ability to find my own genius.
I let go of my resentment toward authority figures.

Pisces Moon
I enjoy my ability to create.
I forgo all addictive behavior.
I embrace my connection with the Divine.
I have the capacity to meditate easily

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Intent-  Candles Herbs and Oils

Intent: Animal Healing
Colors: Brown
Oils: Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Rosemary, Myrrh
Herbs: Allspice, Coriander, Sandalwood, Blackberry

Intent: Astral Projection
Colors: Purple, Yellow
Oils: Benzoin, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sandalwood
Herbs Mugwort, Jasmine, Dittany of Crete, Poplar

Intent: Beauty
Colors: Light Blue, Pink
Oils: Ambergris, Gardenia, Ginger, Jasmine, Lavender
Herbs Avocado, Catnip, Ginseng, Maidenhair, Yerba Santa

Intent: Courage
Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Brown
Oils: Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Dedaar, Musk
Herbs All spice, Thyme, Dragon's Blood, Tonka

Intent: Fertility
Colors: Green
Oils: Patchouli, Pine Mush, Vervain
Herbs Bistort, Cucumber, Hazel, Sunflower

Intent: Happiness
Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow
Oils: Lavender, Sweet pea, Tuberose
Herbs Catnip, Apple Blossom, St. John's Wort

Intent: Healing
Colors: Blue, Red, Green, Purple
Oils: Sandalwood, Juniper, Eucalyptus
Herbs Allspice, Angelica, Willow, Peppermint

Intent: Love
Colors: Pin, Red
Oils: Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Apricot
Herbs Rosemary, Basil, Rose, Coriander

Intent: Luck
Colors: Orange, Green, Blue
Oils: Cinnamon, Patchouli, Rosemary, Lemongrass
Herbs Caraway, Ginger, Nettle, Vanilla

Intent: Magickal Powers
Colors: Purple, Yellow
Oils: Tangerine, Rosemary, Vanilla
Herbs Allspice, Carnation, Dragon's Blood

Intent: Peace
Colors: Blue, Pink
Oils: Lavender, Rose, Magnolia
Herbs Gardenia, Lilac, Pennyroyal, Tuberose

Intent: Protection
Colors: White, Red, Black
Oils: Juniper, Patchouli, Clove, Lime, Vetivert
Herbs Bay, Basil, Pine, Lilac, Flax

Intent: Psychic Awareness
Colors: Blue, Yellow, Silver
Oils: Lemongrass, Camphor, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Yarrow
Herbs Anise, Nutmeg, Flax, Honeysuckle, Marigold

Intent: Psychic Dreams
Colors: Blue, Silver
Oils: Camphor, Jasmine, Acacia, Lilac, Sandalwood
Herbs Heliotrope, Marigold, Rose, Mimosa, Cinquefoil

Intent: Purification
Colors: White
Oils: Rosemary, Cedar wood, Myrrh, Benzoin, Lemon
Herbs Eucalyptus, Lemon, Verbena, Valerian, Copal, Thyme

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 Book & Candle Comments

Herbs for healing

1) Aloe Vera- often used in healing wounds, burns, and can be used internally as an intestine cleanser.

2) Astragalus-  This is a Chinese Herb to stimulate the immune system, and increase the  activity of white Blood cells, also helps prevent colds.

3) Burdock Root - This Herb possesses anti- bacterial, anti- inflammatory properties. Is used to strengthen the immune system, and is good fro skin disorders.

4) Cat's Claw-  A Peruvian Herb that helps fight or prevent infection by boosting the immune system.

5) Garlic - has anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti- viral  properties, which make it the perfect choice for any colds , flu or infections.

6) Golden Seal Root-  This kills many disease causing organisms, e.g. bacteria, yeast, fungi, and parasites. Golden Seal helps from  everything to do  from cystitis, to respiratory problems.

7) Green tea- A powerful anti oxidant that can be drunk to protect the gastro - intestinal system.

8) Oregano Leaf- This herb is commonly used in cooking and is popular for dry chesty coughs, it  for Asthma. The oil has anti fungal, and anti bacterial properties.

9) Red Clover-- is good for coughs.

10) Sarsaparilla- This herb cleanses and detoxifies the blood by its
ability to bind toxins, is good for skin complaints, and especially  psoriasis.

Also Rescue- good for calming

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CTR: Refers to the 7 chakras centers for healing.  
H: Hardness on Mohs' scale (1-10)   
T: Toxic (dust, fumes) Any stone may be toxic.   
Blue, blue-green, yellow-green. Brings gifts of heart & mind together for balance, inner strength, and steering steadily through life. Creativity & entrepreneurial thinking, and new directions for business/personal growth. Blue: Creativity, throat, mouth, ears, breath of life, lymph. Green: Lungs, heart, thymus, endocrine glands. H:3.5; CTR: 4, 5; T  
Chalcedony Qtz. Red, orange, yellow,  browns; Solid, Grounding. For stomach, colon, liver, spleen, kidneys, Xray/radiation. MOSS: Centering, taking heart. Bloodsugar, anorexia/food issues, lymphnodes, Balances emotions.  IRIS: Insight, Restores nerve feeling and healing after injury/burns.  PICTURE: Gaze into for meditation. L/Rt. brain balance. Pineal, pituitary; coordination. Blue LACE: Patience, peace. Cools. H:6.5-7; CTRS: 1,4  
(A chrysoberyl.) Clear violet-green, lt. blue or orange-yellow iridescence. Color changes with angle. Opens Heart, Solar Plexus, and especially Crown Centers. For healing, centering, self-esteem. Rare and Powerful. Opens to higher self, disattachment, psychicness, spiritual love, joy, and luck. Excellent tissue regeneration; especially Central Nervous System. H:8.5; CTR: 3,4,6,7  
Solid Lt. Blue/turquoise. Gentle Friendly, calming, soothing; Opens throat, heart, and solar plexus centers for self-expression, artistic creativity, healing. Throat, thyroid, nerve and Brain paths. Reduces self-damaging behavior, increases straight posture of self-respect, confidence, grace, self-assuredness with communication. H: 6-6.5; CTR: 5  
Clear yellow or orange ancient petrified resin (possibly pine tree). Electromagnetic. Opens solar plexus chakra for mental clarity, moods balance, confidence. Stomach anxiety, spine, Central Nervous System, brain, memory loss, cell regeneration. Aligns mental and emotional bodies via orange and yellow CTRS. Excellent detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and others' energies. Sacred use (incense/worn) by Asian and American Indians, and worldwide. H: 2-2.5; CTR: 3; T  
Translucent, purple/lavendar Qtz. Psychicness, imagery, mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, impatience, and nightmares. Brow + Crown CTRS. Headaches, eyes, scalp/hair, pituitary, pineal, bloodsugar balance. Especially aids sobriety; alcohol/food/sex/other addictions. Famous ancient detoxicifier (especially helped with poisons, alcohol.) Keep in pet's water to reduce fleas. H: 7; CTR: 6  
Medium blue to white crystals. Fairly newly discovered. Psychic connection to oneness with universe, angelic realm, spiritual guidance. Astral travel, heightened sensory awareness. Seeing paths to surmount challenges. Aligns physical and etheric fields for healing self & others. Regenerates and rejuvenates ill or depleted areas. H: 3; CTR 6,7; T (due to Lead Sulfate)  
Apache Tears:  
Small, dark, smoky-translucent Obsidian pebbles. Eases and releases pain, loss, sadness, anger, etc to help heal and go on with life. For looking within, protection, vision quest/purpose. gently grounds and unblocks lower body and endocrine glands/chakras. Aids healing. Represents tears of grief shed by Native American women after their loved ones' deaths due to invading troops. H: 5; CTR: 6  
Transparent dk. blue, yellow, clear...Blue and purple are used especially to heal and stimulate throat CTR. and kidney point for self-expression, teaching, healing mouth, throat, thyroid, high blood pressure, stuttering, etc. Reducing hunger. High Calcium content strengthens bones, muscles, mineral assimilation. Use yellow on Solar Plexus and Brow CTRS. H: 5.5; CTR: 3,5,7  
Clear, white, light green striated crystals. Very powerful for deep, peaceful stillness and alpha state/meditation/dream recall. Clairvoyance, out of body travel, etc. Green is most powerful: Heals and brings joyous openness to the heart CTR. as it opens the brow and crown chakras. Clears mental fuzziness and channels for with higher-self + angelic realm contact. Helps see truth for growth. H: 5; CTR:4,6,7  
Aqua Aura:  
Clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold (amplifies quartz conductivity.) Increases ability to send energy & alter consciousness for meditation, telepathy, healing. Opens/clears throat. H:7; CTR:1,5  
A beryl. Clear light blue, blue-green. Tranquilizing, uplifting, openness, innocence, light-heartedness, creativity, communication, self-awareness, confidence, purpose. Throat (& spleen) CTR(s), Heart, immune system, thymus, lymphnodes, Especially: Mouth, ears, etc. Affects etheric and mental levels. Releases anxiety, fear, restlessness, peaceful stillness like the flow of a forest stream. Breathing allergies, water travel, journies, sea goddess, seeing through people, protection. CTR:5; H:8  
Translucent purple-pink-brown hexagonal, or white needle crystals. Deep, peaceful meditation; uplifts emotions. Centering, overview, patience under stress, heps us navigate business/managerial/personal challenges with a clear head and steady hand. Giving and receiving easily. Balances yin-yang. Eyes, brain, Central Nervous System, heart, opens spiritual/brow chakra for day-to-day living with an open heart and mind. H:4; CTR:3,6; T  
Translucent dark/lt. green quartz. Heals emotional pain/fear/imbalance by dissolving blocks in the heart CTR. Historically also draws out heat of fevers, inflamation, nerv. system stress. In your bath water, a soft, soothing stone for general healing. Universal love, truth, prosperity. Much like Moss Agate. H:7; CTR:5  
Solid deep blue, blue-purple. Activates brow and throat CTRS. more assertive communication and alert, quite, deep access to subconscious and other times/places/lives. Psychicness, creativity, decisiveness, deeper insight, seeing truth, reduces depression, anger, abnormal cell growth. Hi copper content stimulates thyroid, sinus, skin cleansing, spleen, nervous system, mental + etheric bodies. H:3, 5-4; CTR:5,6; TÂ   
BERYL Family:  
Strong, hard. (Some look "Greasy"). Clear: Brow & Throat CTRS. Heliodor/Golden Brown: Stimulates the mind, nervous system, spine, bones, Solar Plexus and 3rd eye CTR, with warm sun energy for mental clarity, confidence, willpower, visualizing, protection. Helps stomach, intestines, works with mental body for exhaustion , depression, ulcers, nausea, eating disorders. Cleans emotional and physical toxins from liver, skin, (including: fear and resentment). Pink: Excellent for heart CTR, growth, transition, stabilizing. (See also: Emerald, Aquamarine, Alexandrite) H:7.5-8; CTR:3,4,4b,5,7  
("Heliotrope") Solid dark green, red flecks. Electromagnetic (high iron). Ancient Egypt, Atlantis used to calm, ground, revitalize. Classic for wealth, menstrual cramps, anemia, bloodclots, hemorrhoids, birthing/reproductivity, imbalance. Cleansing heart and blood circulation, marrow, thymus, lungs; Heart. H:7; CTR:1,2,4  
Boji Stones:  
Iron-magnetite concretion. Solid round, grey-brown discs with high iron. Grounding, electromagnetic. Balances body's energy field. Many have found they reduce pain by holding 1 in each hand. Recharges electrically in sun. (Store boji's apart -magneticness neutralizes eachother. Also wearing/holding with tiger's eye or other stone containing asbestos may bring on ill feeling.) Rough "male" and smooth "female" stones both have + and - charge. CTR:1; T  
Flattens and grounds energy. (poor conductor); not generally used for healing. can dull/block energy. May be used as shield, reducing sensitivity and awareness. CTR:1Â   
Milky yellow, peach, green, white or clear crystals. Soft. Lime Green: Tranquility ; soothes spiritual heart; helps us learn from lessons in each situation and new options. Clarifies visions, imagery, astral travel and recall. Helps us replace fears, old ways with healthier ones. Cleans toxins and fumes from body. Needs cleansing if sticky. Yellow: Spine, bones. Detoxification of kidneys, pancreas, spleen. Decalcifying joints. Clear/Optical: Clearer vision & communication, wellness, general cleansing. Blue: Eases pain (especially back). Orange: Uplifting, joy, happiness, humor. H:3; CTR: per color.  
Chalcedony (jasper) qtz. Translucent. Confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness, outgoingness. Precision, analysis, appetite, awareness of feelings. Orange and yellow CTRS. Warms and cleanses blood, kidneys, stimulates appetite, emotions, passion, sexuality, physical energy, celebration, reproductive system, menstrual cramps, arthritis, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas. Historically also used to pull excess fever out through the feet. CTR: 1,2,3; H:7  
White, clear, or cool lt. blue cluster crystals. Gentle. Soothes nerves, stress. Quiets mind. Serenity, harmony, easiness, stillness for receiving, connection to spirit, overview, creativity. Aids Throat CTR; honesty, openness, stress, worry, hearing, thyroid, potassium/manganese deficiency, Central Nervous System, tiredness, fades in sunlight. H:4; CTR:5  
Clear/misty white to brown. Helps us be centered, confident, capable and versatile amidst life's challenges. Grounding to here/now and higher self. Graciousness, good listening/communication skills. Translate higher concepts to everyday language. Psychicness, clarity. Shows what we can/can't change. Letting go (stress, addictions..) Insomnia, Central Nervous System, coordination, general healing. Both grounds root chakra and opens crown (& Throat) CTR. Plant growth , protection against bugs. H:3.5; CTR:1,5,7; T  
Purple, solid. Newly coming into greater use. Works with Indigo & violet CTRS to transmute/lift us out of emotions, fear. Seeing old patterns with new possibilities. Opens heart, inspiration, service, seeing clearly (mentally, physically, psychically), faster healing. Some find useful also for entity release work and alcohol/liver detoxification. CTR:4,6,7  
Translucent Gold or Green Cat's Eye (often confused with qtz. Tiger's Eye, but rarer). Usually clear, green or green/brown, nongreasy. For acquiring more prosperity. Confidence, self-pride, healing. Amplifies other gems (NOTE: Some are irradiated to turn green- trust your feeling with each stone.) H:8.5; CTR:3,7  
Chrysocolla/Gem Silica:  
Solid Lt. blue/blue-green. Gentle, soothing, friendly. Excellent for heart CTR; flushes and heals heart blocks (loss, hurt, guilt, fear...) for allowingness, flexibility, self-forgiveness, peace of heart, patience. Keeps one in light, love, and healing daily. On Throat, expressing feelings, verbal and artistic creativity, thyroid. Also, heart bloodsugar, and emotional balance. High conductivity from copper draws out pain, heat (fevers, inflamations, arthritis...), Excellent theraputic aid for healing loss, incest, other traumas. Cleanses auric field. Dreams and Earth healing. Chrysocolla and malachite: See EILAT Stone. H:2-4; CTR:4,4b,5; T(Copper)  
Bright translucent green chalcedony. Uplifts heart CTR; Greater Flexibility, wisdom, generosity, self-confidence. Heals depression, excess self-focus, emotions/sexual imbalance. Placed on heart, neck, or on brown for meditation. H:7, CTR:4  
Clear yellow qtz. (Yellow from Iron). For Solar Plexus CTR, Mental and emotional clarity. Problem-solving, memory, willpower, optimism, confidence, self-discipline, digestion. Reduces anxiety, fear, depression, stomach tension, food disorders, allergies. Detoxification: Spleen, kidneys, liver, urinary system, intestines, etc. Electromagnetic. H:7; CTR:1,3  
(Calcite, pink from Cobalt) Brings love, patience, gentleness, compassion. Soothes intensity of feelings. Mental and emotional balancer. H:3; CTR:4b; T  
Excellent energy conductor! Sends and amplifies thoughts, healing, and gem electrical energy into wearer's energy field. Next to skin: Detoxes and soothes arthritis, rheumatism, other inflamation problems. 3rd chakra: stomach, intestines, etc. Warms, releases resentment, anger, etc. built up in joints as arthritis. Exhaustion recovery, circulation, balances warm sun energy and cool lunar energy. Energize with sun. H:2.5-3; CTR: 3+all; T . More on metals here  
Calcium and calcite. Red and orange: stimulates 1st 2 chakras for energy and warmth, fertility. Energizes emotions. Muscles, blood, heart, reproductive system; thyroid, metabolism; meridians; spine, bone and tissue regeneration. (Avoid if high blood pressure, fever, anxious).  Pink: Heart CTR, increases sensitivity, caring, compassion. White: Soothes; heals meridians, stress, smell ability, nerves. Black: Creativity, repels lower energies. H:3-4; CTR: by color; T  
Deep wine red. (High copper content) Opens flow of 1st/root and 3rd/Stomach/power centers, hundalini energy, willpower. Also, with heart CTR: strengthens thymus, heart, blood, and oxygen, metabolism, stamina and healing. Historically also heals relationship with father, the yang side of us, masculinity (for men) and confidence/security issues. Access past life parent info for healing issues. H:4; CTR:1;3;4Â   
Clear crystal. Powerfully radiates bright, pure, white light, filling our body, mind, and spirit (and relationships) with loving light. Excellent to cleanse, purify, or debrief. Fills 3rd eye and Crown CTRS with joy and illumination. Brings truth, honesty, a smile to the heart and open receptivity to mind and spirit. Strengthens mind, nervous system, life force, awareness. Program for particular uses. Excellent healing tool. H:7; CTRS: all, especially 6 & 7  
Desert Rose:  
A gypsum. Lt. brown. Gently grounding; clarifies thinking and mental vision, perception. Quiets worry, brings out practicality. (Related to Selenite). Reminds us to take time out to smell the roses. Quiets the mind. H:1.5-2; CTR: 3  
(Carbon) Powerfully absorbs and amplifies thoughts/attitudes of user, other gems, and wearer's strengths and weaknesses: Prosperity, generosity/ vs. miserly; love vs. distrust; overview, spirituality vs. lust, immediate gratification. Used with loving, clear intent; clears blocks, opens crown CTR: spiritual love, peace. Clarity, trust, confidence. Cleanse thoroughly (It can hold our other's previous attitudes, emotions...) Ancients also used for detoxing. H:10; CTR: All, especially: 7; T (dust)  
Clear, deep green. Deep healing and expansion of Heart center, love, commitment, trust humbleness, heart, lungs, etc. Yin. H:5-6; CTR:4,4b  
Tiny deep blue-green silicate crystals. Its powerful green reaches deep into the heart CTR to release and heal sadness, heartache, abuse, neglect...Converts loss (recent/childhood) into self-love. Empowers heart with new depth, strength, healthiness, courage, ability to love deeply, unconditionally. Connects emotional heart with spiritual heart to receive abundance. Promotes genuineness, sincerity, emotional balance, self-worth, deep well-being. Central Nervous System, lungs, heart, blood pressure, stress. Can send healing deep into the earth. H:5; CTR: 4,4b,5; T (has high copper)  
Pink/pastel/milky to clear. Clear varieties, especially pink are used to softly open and heal heart CTR. Soothes hurt, loneliness, anxiety, etc. Facilitates giving and receiving, generosity, spontaneity, creativity, energy uplift. Calcium content strengthens bones, teeth, muscles, woman's reproductive system; helps PMS. H:3.5-4; CTR: 1,4,4b   
EILAT Stone:  
(chrysocolla and malachite) (incl. turquoise). Excels in healing emotional and physical aspects of heart/lungs and throat CTRS. Flushes out/heals hurt, fear, stress, loss. Antidepressant. Sinuses, mouth; Bone and tissue regeneration. On Solar Plexus: Aligns the subtle bodies, harmonizes heart, mind, and body. Wholeness, peace of heart, self-expression, creativity. Balances yin/yang. Draws out pain, inflamation, fever. CTR: 3-5; T  
Special form of clear/smokey qtz. Changes confusion/illusions to clarity, seeing truth, overview. Psychicness, openness to higher self/God/spirituality. Stimulates crown chakra/pineal to rise above situations, emotions. May initially intesify lower thoughts (ego, denial, self-judging...) to release these blocks to open heart/mind. Healing brain cells from drug/alcohol use. "All-seeing Stone" brings infusion of light. Use as a bridge stone to enhance energy flow between chakras. H:7; CTR:1,7  
Beryl. Strengthens heart CTR for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity, honesty. Lifts depression, insomnia. Knowingness of the heart, peaceful dreams. Breathing, heart, lymphnodes, blood, thymus, pancreas (blood sugar rebalance), labor/delivery, eyesight, and etheric field. Excellent general healer. Ancient blood detoxifierand antipoison. Androgynous. H:7.5-8. CTR:4,4b; T (aluminum)  
Deep green, striated. Strengthens over all health, heart, well-being, energy. Courage, stamina. Helps take good care of one's self (food, rest, etc.) H:6-7; CTR:1,4Â   
All rainbow colors. Important balancer, healer. Opens heart (especially green), throat and 2 highest CTRS for clarity, overview, seeing additional truths/realities. Spleen bones, teeth, lungs, detoxification, anxiety, insomnia. Clear and Purple: Objectivity; clears the way for new things, upliftment, aura cleanse, 3rd eye, eyesight, sinuses; repels colds. Enhances other gems. Green: Stills mind and heart, harmonizes and recharges all CTRS. Blue: Throat, nose, ears, soothing; Karmic impasses resolved, atonement relieved.  Yellow: Focus, cooperation, group alignment.  Yttrium: Lavendar, well-being, serenity, peace, connection with universe/God/eternal life force. Clusters: lowers work/life stress (helpful on your desk) Double Pyramid: Aligns spirit with physical plane, inner with outer awareness, and 2 sides/brain; crown CTR, illuminating karmic lessons. H:4; CTRS: All, esp 4-6 (Match color with Chakra)  
Muscovite. Mica-like flaky light green. Light-heartedness, friendliness, compassion, recovery, immunity. Speeds deeper healing. H:2-2.5; CTR:4Â   
(Only clear is used for healing) Use cut and polished. The brighter the better. Red: 1st and 2nd CTRS. Warms, energizes emotionally and physically (arthritus, frostbite, paralysis), grounds. Used by ancient cultures. Exhaustion, low BP, detoxing and strengthening blood, muscles, kidneys, gallstones. Stimulates life force and sexuality, hormone balance, antibodies, fertility, persistence, stamina, passion, confidence (and stubbornness). Yang (avoid if excess anger, impatience, high blood pressure, heat, inflamation, etc.) 1st/root CTR. Orange: Warmth, energy. 2nd CTR. Green: CTR:1,4; H:7-7.5; T (aluminum)  
Gem Silica:  
Gem quality Chrysocolla. Highly Evolved. See Silica. T (copper)  
Excellent all-purpose, high level gem amplifier and electrical conductor, especially on solar plexus and heart CTRS. Strengthens meridians, nerve system, digestion. Positively charged with warming sun energy. Often warn by teachers/healers, especially after much self-healing (addictions, childhood...) Attracts prosperity, stores, amplifies thoughts/emotions/energy (Greed too). Yang. Pink = Gold + copper. Lovingness, warmth, spirituality. Amplifies gem effects. White: Combines sun and moon's energy, thus higher conductor and amplifier. H:2-3; CTR:3,4,7. More on metals here.  
Medium brown with tiny coppery glitter. Reported to be a man-made form of sunstone originally created when alchemists were working towards creating gold. Gently uplifting, mildly helpful to solar plexus CTR, to reduce stomach tension, protect center of body. CTR:3Â   
Hawk's Eye/Falcon's Eye:  
Natural Green, grey or blue Tiger's eye-like quartz. Helps gain perspective to see/face situations fully. Seeing the overview clearly and unflinchingly, as from a Hawk's eyes. Stomach and brow chakras. Blue: Deepens meditation. helps us see the truth (self, others, situations) in order to grow. H:7; CTR:3-6  
Hematite & Marcasite:  
Silver-gray metallic. (High iron, mercury) One of the most grounding of all stones (root CTR). Condenses scatteredness, fuzziness into mental clarity, concentration, memory, practicality, helps study, bookkeeping, detail work, sound sleep. Confidence, will power, boldness. Egyptians used also to calm hysteria and anxiety. Yang. Helps us adjust to being physical. Spleen, blood, cleanse. Can deflect. Regroups after jet lag, stress, birth, anesthesia. H:6; CTR:1-3  
Herkimer Diamond:  
A special clear quartz. Shifts brain powerfully into alpha/deep stillness, opening the brow and crown CTRS for a strong, clear channel, psychic readings, meditation, OBEs. May take one too "high"/spacey to wear. The "Dream stone" - in meditation or pillow, it wonderfully enhances visualization, astral travel into the light and dream recall. Amplifies and stores thoughts, energy; use as bridge to stimulate energy flow up through the chakras. Cleanse often. H:7; CTR:All especially 6,7  
A spodumene, like kunzite. Green. Best known for drawing prosperity. Clears heart to receive. Eases love or $ loss. Calming. H:6-7; CTR:4; T(Aluminum)  
White. Gently absorbs and uplifts stress, tension, anxiety, emotional intensity, etc. Quietly loving, calming. Works with the heart center, bringing greater gentleness, patience, tact. Helps bones, teeth, and other calcium aspects of body. H:5.5; CTR:4b   
(Cordierite) Clear bluish-lavendar. Opens a light pathway from Throat CTR. up through crown. Truth, simplicity, imagery, peace. Living at higher awareness level. Alcohol/addiction detoxificator, sobriety. A newer stone recently more available. H:7; CTR:6,7; T (Aluminum)Â   
Solid to translucent. Green. Health, wealth, longevity stone. Ancient Chinese used also for courage, wisdom, justice, mercy, emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony. Lungs, heart, thymus, immune, kidney and blood detoxification, nervous system. Androgynous. A gentle, steady energy. H:6.5-7; CTR:4  
Chalcedony qtz. Multi-colored, solid. Yellow, orange, brown, green. Yellow for stomach, intestines, liver, spleen areas. earthy grounding. CTR:3.  Green: Respiratory/Heart CTR. General tissue regeneration; mineral assimilation; general healing. Darker colors: more grounding. (Also less conductive for healing) H:All 6.5-7 CTR: 4Â   
Spodumene with lithium. Pink, clear. Powerful, high level stone. Strengthens healers, teachers. Opens the emotional heart and spiritual heart. Unconditional lovingness, compassion. Healing abuse/loss/addictions. helps emotional balance, confidence, connection to higher self, oneness. Reduces depression, mood swings, stress, radiation. Also brow and crown CTRS. Deepens altered state: psychic readings, healing...being centered emotionally and spiritually. H:6-7; CTR: 4, 4b, 6, 7; T (Aluminum)  
Light blue, splintery. Placed on brow, this opens 3rd eye and blue'/throat CTRS. Enhances psychic images, foresight, consciousness, meditation, communication. On 3rd eye; answers questions, especially in imagery. Brings out our natural ability to manifest things into reality via thoughts, visualization. Tranquility. H:4-7; CTR:5,6; T (aluminum)Â   
Labradorite (Clearer/lighter)/Spectrolite (Darker):  
Subtle green/blue/yellow/etc. metallic iridescent. Brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. Originality. Easier, more restful sleep. Helps us relate to others. Opens energy flow to solar plexus and brow CTRS and whatever other centers are most in need. Still evolving along with us. Fragile, avoid salt cleansing. H:6+; CTR:3,5,6; T(aluminum)  
Lapis Lazuli:  
Solid, med. to dk. blue. In meditation, opens brow CTR: higher guidance, intuition, connection to higher self, overview, decisions for good of all. Organizes, quiets mind. Opens Throat/Thyroid CTR.: Self-expression, writing, creativity, dream insight...Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, autism, shyness, nervous system; MS, speech, hearing, pituitary, DNA, lymph, inflamation, pain (especially head), protection. H:5; CTR:5,6  
A gentle, soft, sky-blue Caribbean healer. Brings tranquility of water/sea and air to heart and mind. Soothes and uplifts hurt, fear, depression, pain of life, changes with love. Self-expression, patience, acceptingness, simplicity, creativity, artwork. With red spots: helps gentle people be assertive. Cools, draws out inflamation, fevers, sunburn heat. Especially helps the creativity and throat CTR. (shoulder, thyroid, nose). Pleasantly uplifts the heart and eases stress. CTR: 4b,5  
(Contains Lithium and mica). Solid lavendar to soft pink, dull, sparkly. Calms and relaxes. Gently eases intensity of feelings, stress, mood swings, depression, manic-depression, self-criticism, anxiety, addictions, worrying. Brings hope, relief, gentleness, self-love, patience, self-forgiveness, unworried sleep, mental/emotional balance, well-being. For master gland and immune system, skin, DNA. Balances 2nd and 3rd and Brow chakras with new spiritual love CTR. Fragile; salt water cleanse may cause it to break apart. H:2.5-4; CTR:2,3,4b,6  
(Magnetite, Iron). Metallic black, natural magnet. Related to (and works like) hematite for grounding, clear thinking, focus (detail work, decisions, etc.). Electromagnetically pulls toxic blocks and pain from energy meridians, pancreas, and lower glands. Old story of its use for faithfulness test: Unfaithful one is said to fall out of bed if touched by this stone. H:5.5-6.5; CTR:1; TÂ   
Steady pulsing electromagnetic energy. (High copper content) On brow: Stimulates physical and psychic vision, concentration. For heart and solar plexus centers: Stomach, liver, kidney stones, lungs, immune system, radiation, MS, circulation. Powerful with azurite or chrysocolla for healing: Releases and draws out pain, inflamation, depression, anger; heals blocks. Protects well by powerfully cleaning the auric field, rapidly absorbing undesirable energies, including: computer, TV, and other radiation, etc. Place in the 4 corners of a room to cleanse carpet toxins/gases. Clean very frequently - daily if possible! H:3.5-4; CTR:3,4; T (copper)  
Usually solid, dull, mottled, brownish to black. Noniron varieties amplify thoughts/telepathic sending/receiving, greater awareness, some connection to extraterrestrial life. Odd/unusual energy, best used by those drawn to them. CTR:1 or 6  
See Amazonite.  
Greenish to brown-green Tektite (fell to earth). Dull outside, deep clear green inside. Powerfully expands psychicness, channeling. On Heart CTR. Eases longing to leave earth. On pillow, brow, crown: Telepathic access to spiritual laws, info from higher regions/places to help us and Earth to be healthier and more spiritual. An intense meteorite helping people incarnating from elsewhere be more comfortable here on earth (reducing asthma, toxin sensitivity, emotional intensity, epilepsy...)(May make some too spacey; be sure to ground self after use and before driving.) Fragile - Don't salt cleanse! More rare, expensive and powerful than a plain "tektite". H:5.5; CTR:6,7; T (aluminum)  
Feldspar (contains aluminum). Translucent with white, pink, yellow, soft sheen. Soothes stress, anxiety, women's hormones/menstrual imbalance, lymph. Enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings and less overwhelmed by personal feelings. Greater flexibility and flow with life. Connects 2nd and 6th chakras and Pineal for emotional balance, gracefulness. Helps all be more comfortable with our gentler feminine/yin receiving side. Especially for water signs. H:6-6.5; CTR:2,6; T  
Morganite/Pink Beryl:  
Related to Emerald and Aquamarine. Clear/soft pink to violet, translucent to clear. Inspires spiritual lovingness, compassion, equality, upliftment, empathy, patience. Spiritual Heart CTR. Also heart, lungs, breathing, throat, oxygenation. One of the highest frequency stones available. H:7.5-8; CTR:4,4b,7  
Mother of Pearl (MOP):  
Beads/decor made of glossy pearly inside of pearl oyster shell. (Isn't a stone) Carries the gentle, peaceful healing energy of the sea. Relaxes, soothes emotions, sensitivity, stress. H:3-4; CTR:2,5; T (Organic)Â   
Solid/translucent black to smoky. (Incl. "Navaho/Apache Tears") Objectivity, dis-attachment, grounding. Reduces fantasy/escapism. Absorbs and dissolves anger, criticism, fear, etc. thus protective. Unusual black stone: Absorbs dark and converts to white light. Friendly. Can't be misused. Root CTR. Brings higher CTR light into lower ones; cleanses, uplifts. Changes fear into flexibility with change. SNOWFLAKE: Clairaudience and owning our lower aspects for growth; Healthy balance. (Be aware - Obsidian balls help to see truths by initially amplifying beliefs, patterns, fears, blocking our growth.) H:5; CTR:1,5. GREEN: Heals broken crystals and charges them. CTR:4  
Balances and grounds. Absorbs and flattens emotional intensity. Androgynous. Can't conduct or retain healing energy/programming very well. Black: Root CTR. Grounding. Green: Heart/4th chakra.  Yellow: 3rd Seriousness, logic. Blue: 5th CTR. The more translucent/clearer ones are more effective. H:3; CTR: Match to stone color.  
A silicate. Contains water, correlating with our emotions. Clarifies by amplifying and mirroring feelings, buried emotions, desires (including love and passion). Less inhibition, more spontaneity. Crown and Brow CTRS. Visualization, imagination, dreams, healing. Easily absorbs, stores emotions and thoughts. Fragile. Fades/cracks in sun, heat, salt, acidic foods. Moisten frequently with water or oil. Some cancel/negate other gems. (backfires if not used for good of all) May change color with high energy/intensity people. White: Balances L/Rt. brain. "Black"/Dk blue: One of the most potent. Fire Opals: May stimulate passion, temper, energy. H:6; CTR:2Â   
White: Symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence, faith. Of the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, thus balancing emotions, especially for water signs. Absorbs thoughts, emotions. For solar plexus CTR (digestion, stomach, WBCs, immunity) and emotional stress. Low integrity or anger rebounds to user (like Opal). Cleanse frequently. Fire signs less compatible unless drawn to Pearl. May cool and soothe. Gold and Black: Also for prosperity.  Pink: Works especially with the heart CTR. Pearls best without other gems. Divers wear for shark protection. H:3-4; CTR:2,3,4; T (Organic)  
Clear bright green/green-yellow. Clears heart CTR, pathway, strengthening breath of life, prosperity, growth, openness. Used by Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas to gently cleanse and heal the physical heart CTR. (lungs, lymph, breast) Yellower gems also for Solar Plexus CTR (stomach, liver, adrenal...) Helps understand relationships, other realities Alleviates depression, anger, fear, jealousy, anxiety. H:3-4; CTR:3,4  
(Phenakite) Milky whit to clear crystal. A powerfully loving, healing, spiritual stone newly more available. Clearer stones intensely opens 3rd eye, crown and Transpersonal CTRS. as a white light channel. Clairvoyance/spiritual communication, meditation, astral travel. Energizes meridians and healing of other stones. H:7.5-8; CTR:6-8  
Pyrite/Fool's Gold:  
(with iron) One of the most grounding stones in use today. Used for focus, practicality, logic, memory, clearing fuzzy thinking/scatteredness etc. like Hematite. Helps Yellow Chakra: Stomach, 

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Book & Candle Comments

Winter Essential Oils

Book & Candle Comments

Aromatherapy brings us the aromatic energy of living plants in the
form of essential oils. These fragrances are a natural antidote to
the emotionally debilitating effects of winter. Aromatherapy is
supportive in the winter season of quiet regeneration. Winter
essential oils cleanse and freshen air in homes closed tight against
the cold weather. Essential oils for winter include woody,
evergreen, citrus, spice and resin oils. Gingerbread and delicious
spice cake come to mind with pungent essential oils such as clove,
cinnamon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg. Fresh citrus oils including
bergamot, sweet orange, lemon and tangerine recall memories of old
fashioned citrus pomanders. Warming oils include Orange, Black
Pepper and Rosemary. Immune boosting oils are Tea-Tree, Lavender,
Sandalwood and Bergamot. To ease congestion and fight infections use
Tea-Tree, Pine, Eucalyptus and Lavender. Bergamot tea is useful for
a sore throat and can be used as a gargle. Chamomile tea is very
soothing and eases an upset stomach.

Bergamot (Citrus bergamia)Bergamot is uplifting sweet with a fruity
fragrance. Helpful for depression. Refreshes a room. Avoid
sunbathing and sunbeds when using this oil.

Black Pepper ( Piper nigrum) Hot, dry, spicy oil with a deeply
warming effect. Relieves muscular aches and pains. Stimulates the
digestive, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Can irritate sensitive
skin, use sparingly.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)Eucalyptus was first employed by
Australian aborigines, who not only chewed the roots for water in
the dry outback but used the leaves to treat fever, cough, and
asthma, and European settlers quickly adopted it as medicine. You
can also use a few drops of eucalyptus oil in boiling water or in a
bath as an inhalant. Eucalyptus is often used for - Sore muscles,
Insect repellant, Tension headache, Cold, Cough, Sinusitis,
Rheumatoid arthritis and Strains/sprains. Warming and antiseptic oil
with a strong camphorous medical smell.

Juniper Berry (Juniperus communis) Juniper Berry essential oil
contains mainly pinene, myrcene, sabinene and limonene. These
constituents are also found in other winter season oils including
pine, cypress and fir needle. Juniper berry oil blends especially
well with these oils. Juniper oil is refreshing, clarifying and
uplifting to the spirit. Its physical actions are cleansing,
astringent (for oily complexions) and toning. Detoxifying, cleansing
and antiseptic. Do not use in pregnancy or if you suffer with kidney
disease. Not suitable for children.

Lemon (Citrus limonum)Lemon is a fresh sunny scent that is cold
pressed from the rind itself! Lemon has antiseptic-like properties
and contains compounds that have been studied for their effects on
immune function. It may serve as an insect repellent and may be
beneficial for the skin. Diffuse it in your house for a fresh
alternative to air spays. It compliments the Oil of Oregano to
neutralize the over growth of Candida. Put a few drops on a tissue
and vacuum it into your vacuum bag to freshen the smell of your
carpets and furniture coverings. 1 drop is also very refreshing and
purifying when taken in a glass of water.

Neroli is distilled from bitter orange trees. It has a refreshing,
spicy aroma and is known for its sensual, exotic effect. Neroil oil
is emotionally unifying and soothes with harmonizing effects.
Described as both sensual and spiritual, Neroli helps to re-
establish the link between a disconnected mind and body. Neroli
paves the way for a gradual release and allows us to recall hope and

Orange (Citrus sinensis) Orange essential oil is obtained from the
rind of the fruit and used principally as a flavoring agent.
Warming, orange oil is an antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic,
carminative, digestive, febrifuge, phototoxic sedative, tonic.
Orange oil helps spreads sunshine on gloomy thoughts and depression,
has a very comforting and warming effect and dispels tension and
stress and helps revive when feeling low on energy. Orange oil calms
the stomach both for constipation and diarrhea. Stimulates bile
which helps digestion of fats. Has a beneficial effect on colds,
bronchitis and fever. Helps with the formation of collagen, vital
for tissue repair and hair growth. Also helpful with muscular pains.
Helps anxiety and insomnia. Possibly reduces blood cholesterol
levels. Orange oil helps dry skin conditions softening wrinkles and
dermatitis. An excellent skin tonic. Orange oil can make the skin
photosensitive to sunlight.

Peppermint (Mentha piperata) Peppermint oil is the most extensively
used of all the volatile oils, both medicinally and commercially.
The characteristic anti-spasmodic action of the volatile oil is more
marked in this than in any other oil and greatly adds to its power
of relieving pains arising in the alimentary canal. From its
stimulating and carminative properties, it is valuable in certain
forms of dyspepsia, being mostly used for flatulence and colic. It
may also be employed for other sudden pains and for cramp in the
abdomen; wide use is made of Peppermint in cholera and diarrhea.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Rosemary is stimulating and
refreshing, an invigorating pick-me-up. To help refresh and nasal
passages and assist easy breathing. Excellent for hair and scalp
problems including hair loss and dandruff. Do not use if pregnant or
if you have high blood pressure or suffer with epilepsy.

Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia)Tea-Tree is a powerful antiseptic,
anti-bacterial oil which helps boost the immune system. Excellent
for treating cold sores and fungal infections such as thrush. Spots,
insect bites, warts, cuts and grazes.

Combine the following oils:
10 drops of cedarwood
25 drops of bergamot orange
15 drops of fir needle
30 drops of juniper berry
20 drops of sandalwood

A wintertime aromatherapy blend For a massage oil, dilute
12 drops of this "mother" blend in 3 ounces of vegetable oil.
To diffuse into the air, use a candle diffuser or terra cotta
ornament style diffuser. Add a few drops of "mother" blend
to water in your diffuser.

To relieve sinus congestion, respiratory problems and
to clear a stuffy head,
Combine the following oils:
5 drops of Eucalyptus
3 drops of Lavender
2 drops of Tea-Tree
2 drops of Pine.

Add drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale.Makes a great
cold remedy. This is a powerful decongestant for those
unwanted colds. Add a few drops to your burner and inhale
this way.

To soothe a sore throat and combat infection.
2 drops of Tea-Tree

Add to a glass of water and use as a gargle. Do not swallow,
essential oils must not be taken internally.


Many people are affected in the winter months by this disorder
which is associated with a reduction in sunlight, as the days
get shorter, and the weather is frequently overcast. Symptoms
experienced can range from depression, fatigue, lethargy,
weight gain and food cravings. The following essential oils can
help to relieve the symptoms associated with this disorder.

Combine the following oils:
7 drops of Bergamot
5 drops of Grapefruit
3 drops of Rosemary

Combine the following oils:
5 drops of Lemon
5 drops of Orange
3 drops of Geranium
2 drops of Peppermint

The oils can be used in a defuser, either individually or in

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Book & Candle Comments                                                 Book & Candle Comments




***Taken from "Earth Power" by Scott Cunningham

Healing with the Earth works through the process of transference. The wound or disease is transferred magically to another substance, usually an organic one, which is then buried. As it rots it releases the wound or disease.

To remove a disease or heal a wound, rub the afflicted part with an apple or potato. Then, as quickly as possible, dig a hole in the ground, put it in, and cover it over with earth. It is done.

One note here might be wise. Healing magick should always be used in addition to conventional medicine and never as a replacement. Doctors are the only people qualified to help your body heal itself.

By all means perform healing magick for yourself or friends - but not in the place of qualified medical attention. The medicine of today was the magick of yesterday.

An Earth Protection Bottle

Into a long, small bottle pour fresh, clean soil. Fill it to the top and cap it. Place this bottle near the entrance, preferable in a window, to guard against evil entering your home.

In past ages the earth was thought to confound evil spirits and demons, who had to count every grain of earth in the bottle before entering the dwelling.

Today evil spirits are seen as negativity which floats around the Earth in large quantities. This negativity can enter your home. Therefore, this earth protection bottle can be useful in blocking negativity from entering your house.

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Protection Chimes

Taken from "Earth, Air, Fire & Water" by Scott Cunningham

Windchimes are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They're also ruled by the element of Air and can be used to guard your home against unwanted guests and negative energies.

Find, make, or buy a new set of windchimes. They should emit a definite sound. Before suspending them outside, charge them to do their task with the following (or a similar) spell.

Place the windchimes on a flat surface in your place of magick. Gaze down at them, realizing that they're lifeless, still, unmoving.

Wave your projective hand over them while saying:

"Wind chimes;
Spell rhymes;
Spell chimes;
Wind rhymes.
Air primes
spell chimes;
Nine times

Lift the windchimes by the string from which they will be hung. Hold them before your face. Blow against the dangling noise-makers, visualizing their tones scattering and driving away negativity.

Hang them up outside, with visualization, and let the windchimes do their work.

For the best results, repeat this simple charging spell every nine days.


A Book Binding Spell


(to ensure it's return)

***Taken from "Earth, Air, Fire and Water" by Scott Cunningham

Those of us who study the old ways of natural magick are usually fond of books. Our fondness often leads us to loan them to friends. Unfortunately, loaning a book may mean that we'll never see it again.

Hence, this book binding spell. It utilizes knot magick. Binding and knots are ruled by the element of Earth.

In natural magick, knots are physical objects that both represent intangible goals (such as the return of loaned property) and absorb personal power. The following spell utilizes the power of the knot in this way.

(This spell isn't intended to force or to coerce another human being to return a book; it's a spell to ensure the book's return. It doesn't affect the loanee, it affects the book itself.)

Before you loan the book, hold it between your palms. Send personal power into it while saying:

"By hill and wind,
by flame and brook,
by shining moon and sea;
I place a bind
upon this book
that it return to me."

Wrap one foot of plain white cotton string around the book, securing the string with a knot. Knot tightly, but leave enough slack so that you can slip off the string wihout untying the knot. As you make the knot, visualize the book returning to you, and say once again:

"By hill and wind,
by flame and brook,
by shining moon and sea;
I place a bind
upon this book
that it return to me."

Slip off the knotted cord. Put in some secret place. As you actually loan the book, say the words again (even under your breath). The book should, indeed, return to you. Once it has, untie or cut the cord. It's done it's work.            

                                                                                Other Spells



Money Bag Spell



  • a small green talisman bag
  • three silver coins
  • a green candle
  • cinnamon sticks
  • cedar chips


Set the cauldron on your pentacle. Place a small dish inside your cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon sticks and cedar chips on it. On the right side of the cauldron, lay your wand. On the left side of the cauldron, have ready a green candle.

Once all is ready, calm yourself with a short meditation. In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself surrounded by money; coins of silver and gold, gems, etc. Once you have a clear image of this in your mind, open your eyes and light the taper.

Tap each coin (one after the other) as you say the following chant:


Glistening silver, coin of the Moon,
Shiny and round, bring me a boon.
Draw to my hands more of your kind.
Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind.

Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs. Stir the air clockwise over the cauldron. Chant:


Earth elementals, cunning and bright,
With me share your treasures here on this night.
Share with me riches of silver and gold,
Success, prosperity, all I can hold.

After this, allow the candle to burn almost all the way down. Pinch it out once about a half inch of wax is left to it. Put the coins in the talisman bag, along with a few pieces of the cinnamon sticks, cedar chips, and the remaining candle wax. Wear this talisman for nine days. On the ninth night, repeat the spell using fresh herbs and a new candle.

Candle Spell to Get a Job


  • Large Green Candle
  • Large Red Candle

Time: Thursdays (only after you have submitted your resume or applications)


With a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company(s) you want to work for on the side of the large green candle. On the red candle, you need to carve the victory rune (Tiwaz, it looks like an arrow, pointing up) and your full name. Burn both candles for 30 minutes on Thursday after the sun sets, while visualizing yourself getting the kind of job you want. At the end of the 30 minutes, snuff the candles (do not blow them out). Burn them each Thursday after that for 15 minutes until they burn out, or until you get the job.

Once you get a job, dispose of the candles and leave a small bowl of milk outside overnight as an offering.

Money Bottle Spell



  • a thin, tall bottle
  • 5 pennies
  • 5 dimes
  • 5 quarters
  • 5 kernels of dried corn
  • 5 kernels of dried wheat (or 5 tsp. wheat flour)
  • 5 sesame seeds
  • 5 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 cloves
  • 5 whole allspice
  • 5 pecans


Place each item into your thin, tall bottle (a spice bottle will do). Cap it tightly. Shake the bottle with your projective hand for five minutes, while chanting:


Herbs and silver,
Copper and grain;
Work to increase
my money gain.

Place the money bottle on a table somewhere in your house. Leave your purse or wallet near the bottle when at home.

Home Protection Spell



  • Water
  • Salt
  • Bowl
  • Garlic Salt (optional, see procedure)
  • Powered Rosemary (optional, see procedure)

A bright, sunny morning


Start by mixing water and salt in a bowl. Add garlic salt and powdered rosemary if you need to clear out ghosts or spirits. Consecrate the mixture.

Begin at the main entrance of the house or apartment. Sprinkle some of the consecrated water by dipping your fingers in it and making the sign of the pentagram. In a firm and commanding voice with all of your power behind it, say:


Evil shall leave but not enter.

Proceed counterclockwise through the house, repeating the procedure in every corner of each room, at all the windows, doors and mirrors. Don’t forget telephones, fax machines, televisions, modems, radios, computers that are connected to the Internet — any outside connection to your house. (It doesn’t hurt to do the mailbox after you finish with everything inside the house.)

Repeat the spell annually, or whenever you feel in need of it.

Magickal Healing Bath

Take a silver or white candle, some salt, and a healing oil (such as carnation, violet, sandalwood, or narcissus) into the bathroom. Light the Candle as you invoke your deities. By the candle’s light run a tub of very warm water. Cast some salt into it, add a few drops of your favorite healing oil, and then step into the tub. Relax. Feel the warm salted water sinking into your pores, through your skin, sterilizing the sick portions of your body. Visualize the “black worms” of disease leaving it and when you feel the water teeming with them. Pull the plug and let the water drain out. While it is draining chant:


The sickness is flowing out of me,
Into the water, down to the sea.

when the tub is completely drained stand up. Splash your body with fresh water (a shower is ideal) to remove the last vestiges of the sickness-laden water. Repeat as needed to speed your body’s recovery.

Crystal Spell for Healing



  • 3 candles: blue, white, pink
  • incense (1 part allspice, 1 part rosemary)
  • paper with name of recipient written in ink
  • quartz crystal

Place candles on altar in semicircle, with the incense off to the side Place the paper with the person’s name in the center, with the quartz crystal on top. Center yourself, and inhale the incense. Gather energy, and when you feel ready, release the energy, directing it through the crystal to the recipient.


Stop Nightmares Spell



  • scarf (white or cream colors work best)
  • 4 cloves
  • pinch of basil
  • pinch of ground sage
  • lavender or vanilla oil (whatever you find more soothing)
  • black marker
  • white ribbon


Lay the scarf out. You will be putting spices into it. Place the spices (ground sage, 4 cloves, basil) into the scarf and add 2 drops of oil. Gather the scarf at the top (like a moneybag) and tie it with the ribbon. On the outside of the scarf draw the nightmare that plagues you (e.g. spiders, falling, whatever). Place the scarf under your pillow and sleep with it there


Sit quietly in a chair, back straight.  Visualize a blue light surrounding your body.  Hold that vision for a couple mins.  If you feel you need more protection, enforce it with silver (steel).  Then go about your normal everyday life, knowing and believing that you are protected from any negativity, and it will bounce right off of you.  You don't have to think about it all the time, it's there and it will do it's work.  Every once in awhile, repeat if you think it's necessary.



                                                                           Candle Magick



                                                                           Book & Candle Comments


Almost always used in magick making, candles are associated with the fire element. They speak a magickal language, the words being expressed by the flickering and dancing of the candle flame, the billowing of the smoke, and the popping of the hot wax. Candles chatter, and the direction of the flame denote magical communication.

There are many questions on the art of candle magick. This section will show the different techniques in successful candle magick using feathers, rattles, oils, crystals and parchment paper. This teaches a simple yet successful way in burning candles and candle magick. Your candle magick can be very ceremonial or very simple. Sometimes, the simpler the better.

A lot of witches burn candles just about every night. They burn a candle in honor of the Goddess. Just burning a candle, too, puts you in the right frame of mind. Some witches, even if they are burning a candle in honor of the Goddess, still dress the candle. Dressing the candle means applying the right kind of oil and/or writing out on your candle what you want. So, you need to know the right kind of candle and the right oil. Most of this information is supplied in books which can be purchased are many book stores. If you can find a nice witchy shop, more the better.

Now you have to do a little homework for your candle magick to be successful. Research, research, research. There are planetary influences, there is whether the moon is waxing, full, or waning; there is the day of the week — certain days are better to do the kind of magick you are looking for. There is also Moon Void Of Course. When the Moon is void of course, do not do any magick. If you want to do a simple candle magick, the most important thing would be the phase of the moon and the void of course.. There is the oil or oils that you will need. Whenever you are searching for the right oil, you also need a catalyst which gives it that extra boost, like cinnamon. Catalyst herbs need to be in all spells. You need to use catalyst herb/oil along with your intended oil to send it off, to activate it. But just a pinch or drop or so of oil. They are:

1. Dragons Blood – all spells should have this herb. Whatever you put in, you get out.

2. Allspice is good for money.

3. Cinnamon – psychic work and love spell.

4. Cloves – love and psychic.

5. Galangal – this is a good one for prosperity.

6. Lilac – with flower power (feminine).

7. Lavender

8. Musk

9. Myrrh – another great oil which gives power to any oil.

10. Ginger

The color of the candle is very important as well:

White candles reflect all colors back.

Red for sexual love.

Pink for love of the heart.

Orange – for attraction. This is good for a calling.

Yellow – well being, concentration, intuition.

Green – represents health and healing, money, changes and renewal.

Blue – spiritual, healing, memory.

Indigo – Brow, third eye, psychic center. Helps to see aura. Psychic awareness. Purple – Crown center, royal color, Deity, spiritual.

Brown – Stability.

Grey – represents intuition.

Now when purchasing your candle, most witches buy the small candles which can be found in New Age stores.

When doing magick, there is always good and bad that comes with it (explain that nothing is free and when you do magick and ask for something there will always be a sacrifice of something).

When you are doing your spell, think positive that it will work. Never, ever think that your spell will not work.

When doing a candle magick, leave opening for Gods to let them make decision. Also, set a time limit on the candle magick. Give it a certain amount of time for it to happen and if it does not, then do it again. Also remember, sometimes you just might not get your wish, and it might not be because you failed in your magick, but because it is not in the cards for you. Like you might ask to be rich but maybe this lifetime you are not meant to be rich.

However, when your magick does work, do not forget to thank the Gods. Also, feel that feeling of how it feels when something great happens and put that same feeling in another candle magick that you do.

When you are putting things together for magick, you are making magick work; you are energizing and enhancing magick. Ritual sweep is acquiring the ingredients you need for particular spell beforehand, thinking what you want, what will make it work.

Spells do not last forever. If some time has passed, say a Full Moon or so then you must do it again.

To start with, write a paragraph of what you want. Then form into a few sentences, then a sentence, then a word. You have to visualize what you want. Do not narrow yourself on how you will get what you want, leave open for that.

Most people go to a God for the energy source like Kuan Yin for love and compassion, etc. But know your energy source. If you do go to the Gods, make sure that you go to the God for that strength and character traits.

You can charge your candle with a quartz crystal, or by using a laser wand crystal, or a magickal wand made out of a particular wood. You can place your candle on a paton or pentacle. You can write a petition on parchment paper of what you specifically want and also putting certain oils on the paper or wrap herbs in the parchment paper as well or do both. Then fold parchment paper up and place it under your candle and let candle burn down and then light parchment paper and watch it burn and while doing so, see what you want happening. Then take the ashes outside and toss them in the air to be taken to the Gods.


Remember the most important and that is what phase the moon is in. If it is waning, you want to work on something that you do not want anymore or some kind of psychic work. If it is waxing, then for new things, etc. Or suppose you are in need of money but the moon is waning, then you do a banishing spell of banishing poverty. You do not have to really wait for the moon—you just work WITH THE MOON. Some witches are particular with the moon. If the moon is full at 7:30 a.m. Sunday morning, then Saturday night theyI will do their candle magick, because by 7:31 a.m., the moon has started its waning process. Spells are too important to witches. If they want something bad enough, they will make time for their magick.

Prepare for ritual. Decide what it is you want to work on which is called the ritual sweep we mentioned above. You can prepare sacred space or you can cast a circle. Sometimes, when you are preparing your candle for the type of magick, music can play a major roll in your candle magick. Music reaches into the depth of your soul and you need that depth to put in that candle. You need your feelings to be poured into that candle.

Ceremonial – make test of things. Choose space and set up like props appropriately and then prepare yourself: wearing special clothes, jewelry, wear something different to trigger your mind. You will have done your homework in the oils and incenses you will need.

Choose color of candle best for situation. Before this point you will have done your petition and then you put that petition onto the candle with a special knife/cutter — something you use only for magickal purposes. Then you will put on the oil that goes with the spell onto your candle and all of the time you are rubbing that candle with the oil, you are visualizing that it has happened, and that you got your wish. There are different ways in which books tell you to rub the oil in your candle. There really is no wrong way. Only what you feel is right. But concentration is very important. When dressing the candle, see your spell as already happening. Do not say “I WANT” but “I HAVE,” as if it happened already. If you want to run your prepared candle through the smoke of your incense burner, then do so as well.

Then you do a Rune of Consecration as follows:

Upon this candle words of fire, spell out the words of my desire.

Take these words and give them wings, As they descend from thoughts to things.

Bless these things and make them real, O Lady of the Silver Wheel, And ye harm none.


Then you want to energize that candle. There are many ways to energize the candle — singing, chanting, dancing, meditation. Some witches use a special rattle that is sacred to them. They start up slowly and start chanting and rattling over the candle to wake up the spirits. Some have turtle rattles that are very magickal. Then you go faster, faster, still chanting, and then faster till you think you are going to burst with it all. You are loud with your chanting, you are holding nothing back. Then all of a sudden, drop your rattle and grab candle with both hands and send that energy into that candle. Feel it going into the candle. This is called the Cone of Power. Then light the candle. Some people prefer lighting their candle with the candle representing the Goddess. Also, if you have a feather or a feather with a crystal, whatever, with that feather you can send the energy up to the Gods. Birds are great messengers to the Gods. So imagine you are pushing, pushing that energy of your desires up with the feather until a bird comes to take your wish and watch that bird fly, fly away to the Gods.

When done, you bind the candle speall with this Rune as follows:

I call Earth to bind this spell, Air, speed its

travel well. Fire, give it spirit from above,

Water, quench my spell with love.

Now watch the flame of your spell candle, and in that flame, see yourself having what you wished for. Let your spell candle burn completely and evenly. Some believe that if your candle does not burn down all the way that you will not get what you wished for.

After this is done, do not think of spell again. Do not dwell on it. And remember KEEP SILENT. Do not go around and discuss your spell. There will be forces out there that will start tearing it down either by friends who do not believe in magick, etc.

If you cut a circle, then it is time for the Goddess to leave so say your farewells.

Then dismiss the quarters.

Draw back the energy..

Now remember, the candle must burn down by the end of the waxing moon or waning moon, depending on the magickal time you did it in. Never blow out a magickal candle. If you cannot let it burn all night, put it out by snuffing and when you have more time, simply say a prayer over the candle, visualize your having what you want, light the candle and you are on your way. But most of your serious witches’ always make time for their candles to burn. You can also put the burning candle in the middle of your tub (no curtains around it of course) or in the kitchen sink, free of any articles in the sink.





Banishing spell
This is best done during the waning and dark moon
Get four small pieces of paper and on each piece write the person's name or the name of

whatever it is you need to banish. On the opposite side draw a pentacle. Carve the same word and the pentacle on a black candle

also. Do what you would normally do as far as visualizing this thing or person being drawn away from you and ask your angels for

help also. Light the candle. Take the four pieces of paper and burn one, saying, "I banish ______ with the power of fire. So mote it

be." Bury one in some dirt, saying, "I banish ______ with the power of Earth. So mote it be." Flush one down the toilet, saying, I

banish ______ with the power of Water. So mote it be." Then tear one into little pieces and throw it out your window, saying, "I

banish ______ with the power of Wind. So mote it be." Let your black candle burn down.

Note: It is really best to

use VERY small pieces of paper, because you are going to be littering, after all. Also, if you prefer to work outside, you can obviously

use a stream instead of your toilet. It really doesn't matter how you do this, but it IS important that your intention be clear.
Employment spell
This spell should be used only after you have submitted your resume or application.

With a pin or sharp knife, write the name of the company(s) you want to work for on the

side of a large green candle. On a red candle, you need to carve the victory rune

(Tiwaz, it looks like an arrow, pointing up) and your full name. Burn both candles for

30 minutes on Thursday after the sun sets, while visualizing yourself getting the kind

of job you want. At the end of the 30 minutes, snuff the candles (do not blow them out).

Burn them each Thursday after that for 15 minutes until they burn out, or until you get the job.

Dispose of the candles and leave a small bowl of milk outside overnight as an offering


Awakening the Witch within
This is not word for word but as I contune reading this book  I find I can use manythings and also adjust some to make it more my own.
Again based on the book Ariadnes Thread  and again not an all out copy either. I made this my own
Judy I am so glued to this book LOL
I find since this time fo year is  hight time for witches why not have a spell for awakening the witch within.....
It is suggested this spell should be cast three times
At the New, Full and Dark Moon
What needed-
Favorite incense-(meDragoons Blood) Power incense
Parchment paper, pen  two purple candles. ( you may also have the white red black  for new full and dark moon as well)
Moon Oil/
Black robe or  black clothes or even skyclad
You want to cleanse/ sage area
Take a few hours for calm meditation cleansing bath
Reflect and meditate on what  is the image of the witch to you
Altar cloth black
Carve into your candles the moon  ( carve into the purple ones)
Saying I awaken the witch within me
           I awaken the witch within me
           I awaken the withc within me
Anoint yourself as well
saying I awaken the witch within
         I awaken the witch within
         I awaken the witcht within
Ground and center
(If you choose - cast/ create your circle)
Seat yourself comfortable at altar
Light the candles
Saying wiht this flame
I awaken the witch within
With this flame I awaken the witch within
With this flame I awaken the witch within
Light the incense and breathe
take your time deep breaths
get into an alpha meditative state
When you feel peaceful and  flowing
take up images of your inner witch
Draw these images on your parchment (paper)
Write your thoughts, impressinons under each drawing
When done
Take the picture and set it up between the purple candles facing you
Take the moonstone clasp to your heart
See yourself in this image
weave this image inside of you
You are Her she is you
feel the weaving happening take your time
Repeat...these words 3x  or till feel released completed
I am the witch from ancient past
I am the witch who lives right now
I am the witch who forever lives
I am the witch
I am  the magick
I am the power
I am the life
I am the earth
I am the air
I am the fire
I am the water
I am healer
I am love
I am peace
I am Goddess
I am woman
Proud to be me
I am the witch
I am one with earth
I am one with nature
I am one with the universe
I am the witch
So blessed be!!!!
When you have repeated this till you feel completed
slip parchment under altar
Breath deep breaths
arise from this state
Give thanks to the Goddess
snuff outthe candles
reopen circle if you have cast one
Keep the moon stone with you wherever you go



                                                                           Witchy Comments



                                                        Divination- reading from a normal deck



This is the basics of fortune telling using regular deck of simple definations but keep in mind where the cards fall in line with each other.....

ACE.....It may concern love affairs, or convey a warning that troubles await the inquirer through bad speculations or ill-chosen friends..
KING.....A dark man.  Ambitious and successful in the higher walks of life.
QUEEN....A widow, of malicious and unscrupulous nature, fond of scandal and open to bribes.
JACK....A well meaning, inert person, unready in action though kindly in thought.
TEN.....An evil omen; grief or imprisonment.  Has power to detract from the good signified by cards near it.
NINE....An ill-fated card, meaning sickness, losses, troubles, and family dissensions..
EIGHT....A warning with regard to any enterprise in hand.  This card close to the inquirer means evil; also opposition from friends.
SEVEN.....Sorrow caused by the loss of a dear friend.
SIX....Hard work brings wealth and rest after toil.
FIVE....Bad temper and a tendency to interfere in the inquirer, but happiness to be found in the chosen wife or husband.
FOUR....Illness and the need for great attention to business.
THREE....A marriage that will be marred by the inconstancy of the inquirer's wife or husband; or a journey.
DEUCE....A removal, or possibly death.

ACE.....An important card, whose meaning is affected by its environment.  Among hearts it implies love, friendship, and affection, with diamonds, money and news of distant friends, spades, disagreements, misunderstandings, contention, misfortune; individually, it stands for the house...
KING....a good hearted man, with strong affections, emotional, and given to rash judgements, possessing more zeal than discreation.
QUEEN....A fair women, loving and lovable, domesticated, prudent, and faithful.
JACK....Not endowed with any sex.  Sometimes taken as Cupid; also as the best friend of the inquirer, or as a fair person's thoughts.  The cards on either side of the knave are indicative of the good or bad nature of its intentions.
TEN....A sign of good fortune. It implies a good heart, happiness and the prospect of a large family.  It contends bad cards and confirms good ones in its vicinity.
NINE....The wish card.  It is the sign of riches, and of high social position accompanied by influence and esteem.  It may be affected by the neighborhood of bad cards.
EIGHT.....The pleasures of the table, convival society.  Another meaning implies love and marriage.
SEVEN.....A faithless, inconsistent friend who may prove an enemy.
SIX.....A confiding nature, liberal, open-handed, and an easy prey for swindlers; courtship, and possible proposal.
FIVE....Causeless jealousy in a person of weak, unsettled character.
FOUR......One who has remained single till middle life being too hard to please.
THREE....A warning card as to the possible results of te inquirer's own want of prudence and tact.
DEUCE....Prosperity and success in a measure dependent on the surrounding cards; endearments and wedding bells.
ACE.....A ring or paper money.
KING.....A fair man, with violent temper and vindictive, obstinate turn of mind.
QUEEN....A fair woman, given to fliration, fond of society and admiration.
JACK....A near relative who puts his own interests first, is self opinionated, easily offended, and not always quite straight.  It may mean a fair person's thoughts.
TEN.....Plenty of money, a husband of wife from the country, and several children.
NINE....This card is influenced by the one accompanying it; if the latter be a court card, the person referred to will have his capacities discounted by a restless, wandering disposition.  It may imply a surprise connected with money, or if in conjunction with the eight of spades it signifies crossed swords..
EIGHT.....A marriage late in life, which will probably be somewhat checkered.
SEVEN....This card has various meanings.  It enjoins the need for careful action.  It may imply a decrease of prosperity.  Another reading connects it with uncharitable tongues.
SIX....An early marriage and speedy widowhood.  A warning with regard to second marriage is also included.
FIVE.....To young married people this portends good children.  In a general way it mean unexpected news, or success in business enterprises.
FOUR.....Breach of confidence.  Troubles caused by inconstant friends, vexatious and disagreeable.
THREE......Legal and domestic quarrels, and probable unhappiness caused by wife's or husband's temper.
DEUCE.....An unsatisfactory love affair, awakening opposition from relatives or friends.

ACE.....Wealth, a peaceful hone, industry, and general prosperity.
KING.....A dark man of upright, high-minded nature, calculated to make an excellent husband, faithful and true in his affections.
JACK.....A generous, trusty friend, who will take trouble on behalf of the inquirer.  It may also mean a dark man's thoughts.
TEN.....Riches suddenly acquired, probably through the death of relation or friend.
NINE.....Friction through opposition to the wishes of friends.
EIGHT......Love of money, and a passion for speculating.
SEVEN.....Great happiness and good fortune,  If troubles come they will be caused by one of the opposite sex to the inquirer.
SIX.....Success in business, both for self and children.
FIVE.....An advantageous marriage.
FOUR.....A warning signal against falsehood and double-dealing.
THREE.....Two or possibly three marriages with money.

DEUCE.....There is need to avert disappointment and to avoid opposition.

 Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

                                                        Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

                                                                                   Lunar information

Moon Phases

Waxing - the moon is growing larger in the sky, moving from a narrow crescent just after the new moon towards the full moon.
The waxing moon grows from right to left and is called the 'right-hand moon' - the crescent is like the curve between the right-hand's index finger and thumb.

- the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the full moon back towards a crescent as the new moon approaches.
The waning moon decreases from right to left and is called the 'left-hand moon' because of its similarity to the curve on the left hand.
Energy is now waning with the moon herself, and is linked with the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

Gibbous - during the phases between the First Quarter and the full moon, and between the full moon and the Last Quarter, when more than half of the disc is illuminated.


                                                      Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics


Moon months

Our months are linked to the movements of the moon. The moon passes between the earth and the sun every 29½ days - then there is a new moon. In Jewish and Muslim calendars a new month begins - all the months have 29 or 30 days.

Honey Moon

The June full moon was called the Mead or Honey moon. The name derives from the hives being full of honey at this time of the year. The honey would have been fermented and made into mead. Traditionally, a honey drink was taken after wedding ceremonies held on the Summer Solstice. This is the derivation of 'honeym

Blue Moon

Due to the moon's cycle being 29½ days, there are occasionally - as in July 2004 - two full moons in one month (only happens on average every 2.7 years). Then the second moon of the month is called a 'blue moon'.
There will be two blue moons in 2018.

Dark Moon

When two new moons occur in a month, the second is called a 'dark moon'.
The new moon is also sometimes called the dark moon - at this phase there is no illumination on the earth's side.

Harvest Moon

The full moon nearest to the Autumn Equinox is called the 'Harvest moon'. This is because for several nights it appears large and bright in the early evening, bringing farmers valuable extra time to gather in their harvest.
The Celtic year was once divided into 13 months - one for each moon occuring during the year.

Lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun. Because full Moons occur when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth - Lunar eclipses can only happen when the Moon is full. Though not as thrilling as a solar eclipse, the Moon can be seen to magically change colour, becoming coppery or even red - this is due to light being reflected from the Earth onto the Moon's surface (known as 'earthshine'). During the eclipse you can see the Earth’s shadow slowly reach across the surface of the Moon.


Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

  • January  - Wolf Moon
  • February -Ice Moon
  • March     - Storm Moon
  • April      -   Awakening/Growing Moon
  • May       -  Hare Moon                                                            
  • June     -  Mead Moon
  • July     -  Hay Moon
  • August  - Corn Moon
  • September - Harvest Moon
  • October    -   Blood Moon
  • Novemeber - Snow Moon
  • Decemeber -Cold Moon

Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics



                                                              Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

Next Full Moon dates 2009

Year Month Day Time Day of week
2009 Jan 11 03:28 Sun
2009 Feb 9 14:51 Mon
2009 Mar 11 02:40 Wed
2009 Apr 9 14:58 Thu
2009 May 9 04:03 Sat
2009 Jun 7 18:13 Sun
2009 Jul 7 09:23 Tue
2009 Aug 6 00:57 Thu
2009 Sep 4 16:05 Fri
2009 Oct 4 06:11 Sun
2009 Nov 2 19:15 Mon
2009 Dec 2 07:33 Wed
2009 Dec 31 19:15 Thu

Full Moon dates 2010

Year Month Day Time Day of week
2010 Jan 30 06:19 Sat
2010 Feb 28 16:40 Sun
2010 Mar 30 02:28 Tue
2010 Apr 28 12:21 Wed
2010 May 27 23:09 Thu
2010 Jun 26 11:32 Sat
2010 Jul 26 01:38 Mon
2010 Aug 24 17:06 Tue
2010 Sep 23 09:19 Thu
2010 Oct 23 01:38 Sat
2010 Nov 21 17:28 Sun
2010 Dec 21 08:15


Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

  • Dark Moons 2009
  • Jan26 th
  • Feb 25th
  • March 26th
  • April 25th
  • May 24th
  • June 22nd
  • July 22nd
  • August 20th
  • Sept 18th
  • Oct 18th
  • Nov16th
  • Dec 16th  


Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics

                                                Moon & Witch Comments & Graphics  

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