)0( About Me )0(                


                                                                                             I am  Morrighan )0(

                                                     Daughter, Priestess, Witch  of the Great Morrighan

                                                                   Formerly MysticMoonCrow)0(

                                                  The Dark Moon of Nov 16 with the power of Scorpio

             Has brought much change and one was being able take on my matron's name after a long wait

                                                                           and  a time of testing

                   I grew up in Hawaii after being adopted in Illonois in Sept 21 1968. I am Virgo , and Leo cusp.

                                                            Born  few hours before  the dark moon





I  love writting be it rituals, devotion, meditation, and esp poetry.I am into Fairy and   Dragon magick, love my tarot and oracle decks.I do basic reading for friends, and some co workers when I am asked.Crow is one of my totems , and is also  sacred to Morrighan and to many dark Goddesses.I am working on dream interpretation for myself for I do  seem to get a lof od vivid, lucid dreams.Twice I have dreamed of a fae and one time  thru  the gates of the west was going inot a fae realm and  then recently turned around I  juorney thru fae realm. I have been blessed and can tell you they are real, and their realm just as real as is ours I have been working on websites  , links are below  I co moderate on SOTC women only Witchcraft and Goddess group I love the fellowship and discussions, and also learn alot. I also must say it is not a Wiccan group.







 Below poems/ pics................

                                                     Goddess Glitter Graphics Moon

                                                                              I am who I am

                                                                        Understand me or not

                                                                             I  am who I am

                                                                           Magick is my life

                                                                           I live it, breathe it

                                                                             I am who I am

                                                                              A  Daughter

                                                                              A Priestess

                                                                                A Witch

                                                                                A Mystic

                                                                          I am Morrighan )0(


           crowtat                                                                )0( tat


                                          Sisters of sacred dragon moon

                                                       Sisters of the Sacred Dragon Moon  Coven.I am on your right with my priestess cord.

                                                                                                     former coven

                                                        I summon the powers of  the ancient elements  of

                                                             Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit

                                                          Drawing upon the divine power within

                                                                Casting now  My Magick Circle

                                                                            Thrice around

                                                                    By Love  it is now bound

                                                                            So Mote it be!




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